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Hindustan Steel Employees Union


NJCS Agreement done on 01-07-2014. Contact Workers AWA w e f 01-07-2014. Pension will be finalized in Pension Sub Committee with in 31-12-2014 .Rate for HRA will be finalize in HRA Sub Committee .HRA will be effective from 01-07-2014.Payment of 1st installment within 15th July 2014 ..2nd installment payment by end of this financial year.


LATEST NEWS - It is expected that file will reach soon to SAIL Managent after consent from steel minister . Today steel Secretary cleared the file, NJCS may be called any day from 18 to 20 June 2014.       P.K.Das



 In the two days meeting on scales of pay, following decisions ware taken and minutes on scales of pay was signed. 

 Unions raised the demand of increment protection during the tenure of this agreement @3% for those who have crossed the upper limit of the scale as on 1.1.2012 and introduction of S-12 grade. After long discussion for two days, management assured that this issue will be discussed in the full NJCS. To put the issue on record, all unions issued a joint letter to the Director Personnel and was received by the management formally. Formal NJCS agreement will be signed after sorting out of both the issues. Copy of the letter is enclosed.

 There was some improvement in starting of the pay scales from S-4 to S-11 with addition of Rs 200 to Rs 400 maximum. The Scales of Pay was formally signed and the copy is attached herewith.

 Management assured that all the formalities for approval will be completed as early as possible since signing of the Scales of Pay, so that first installment of arrear can be paid to the workers within 30th April or near to that date.

 The meeting of the HRA / HRR could not be held as there was delay in settling the Pay Scales. Next date of meeting will be informed later.

The proposal of management for HRA was not in new Basic - so it was rejected by the unions. Next dates for NJCS Sub Committee(s) meetings are probably 25th March (PAY-SCALE) and 26th March (HRA-HRR).

Meeting of NJCS sub committee on HRA - HRR will be held on 13 03 201419-02-2014

Scale of Pay Sub committee meeting on 18 Feb. at 10.00 am at Delhi.


OUTCOMES OF THE NJCS MEETING HELD ON 25.01.2014 The SAIL chairman has addressed the meeting on the concluding session. After long deliberations, MGB was decided as 17 % on Basic 0n 31.12.11 and DA (as on 01.01.2012). The Special allowance of 6% of the Revised Basic will also be paid to all the employees with effect from 01.01.2014. The payment of arrears will be in two equal installments and the first installment will be paid within one month of signing the Memorandum of Agreement. The second installment of the arrear will be paid within a year. Management has also agreed to pay one additional increment if the company earns profit after tax (PAT) at Rs.5000 crores as average for succeeding three years during the operation of the current agreement. On Pension Scheme the management will contribute 6% of Basic + DA with effect from 1.1.2012. The scheme will be finalized at the earliest and the contribution from the workers to the scheme will be finalized. Management proposed that HRA will be paid on pre-revised basic pay. CITU strongly opposed it. After long discussion, it was decided that the issue of HRA & House Rent recovery will be examined in the core committee meeting and a solution will be arrived at. This committee will give its recommendation before signing of Memorandum of Agreement. The contract workers wages were also discussed at length and due to the sustained efforts taken by CITU along with other unions, SAIL management has finally agreed to pay a lump sum payment as additional welfare allowance (AWA) per month for the contract workers of each plant and unit as given below. PLANT/UNIT AMOUNT(p.m) PLANT/UNIT AMOUNT (p.m) DSP 750 VISP 1300 ASP 750 SRU,BHILAI 1300 CFP 850 BSP 1300 ISP 1100 RMD 1300 SSP 1100 MINES 1300 RDCIS 1100 BOKARO 1500 CMO 1100 RSP 1500 MTI & CET 1100 SRU,BOKARO 1500 CCSO 1100 CITU has continuously took up the important issues of NJCS on MGB, Allowances and Contract workers wages. Unity of the trade unions and workers was also firmed up during the process of negotiations. CITU also launched struggles against the delay and demanding reasonable settlement of the wage revision. Among the PSUs, in SAIL we are able to arrive at an agreement taking into consideration the plight of the contract workers. The support extended by all the workers on the initiatives of CITU and the unity among the unions achived by CITU has resulted in a reasonable settlement. Pending issues such as pay scales etc of the workers will be taken up before signing the MOA.. 


NJCS Meeting scheduled on 20th January, 2014 is postponed and rescheduled tentatively on 25th January, 2014.



Next NJCS Meeting will be held on 20th January, 2014 



In the NJCS Meeting held on 18th & 19th December, 2013 Management offered :

 1) MGB : 16%.

2) Fringe benefits : existing perks + 5% of revised Basic Pay.

3) Pension Fund : Company’s contribution 6%.

4) Contractor Laborers’ Wage : Increase Rs. 700/- to Rs. 1200/- Unit-wise.

 Unions not agreed to the above proposal. Next date of NJCS Meeting : 2nd week of January, 2014



As desired by Management, Unions jointly placed following fresh demand :

1) MGB 18% + one additional increment.

2) Fringe benefits – existing perks + 10% of new Basic w.e.f. to-day.

3) No Gratuity Ceiling.

4) Pension Fund – Company’s contribution 6% +

5) Contractor Laborers’ Wage – Minimum increase Rs. 1,000/- & above with VDA linked.

 Management offered 3% Fringe benefit. Other points not agreed.



 Management proposed to increase in existing Perks of new Basic Pay of Rs. 2% from 1st January, 2012. Unions not accepted the Management's proposal.  Next meeting on 29th October, 2013 (tentative).